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Minor 9 Baseball Fall 2024

Sport Minor 9 Baseball Fall 2024
Program Details
Program start date: Aug 05, 2024
Program end date: Oct 31, 2024
Eligible only if born on or after: May 01, 2015
Eligible only if born on or before: -
Registration Details
Registration status
Registration start date: Jun 15, 2024
Registration end date: Jul 22, 2024
Payment Details
Program fee payment type
One time payment
Total amount
Late fee
$ 0.00
Due date
Jun 14, 2024
Pricing for multiple players in a family
Family maximum amount
$ 413
Discount amount for each additional family player
2nd member: $0.00
3rd member: $83.00
4th member and more: $164.00
Payment mode
Only online payments are accepted
Thank you for registering for the Fall 2024 season.  Minor 9 Baseball will host an evaluation for all players in that division.  Evaluations are scheduled for Saturday July 27, 2024 from 9-12 with a rainout date of Sunday July 28, 2024 from 1-4.  Field information will be posted on the website.
Parent Athlete Cardiac Awareness(click to view)
I have reviewed and understand the symptoms and warning signs of SCA.
Parent Athlete Concussion Form
I have reviewed and understand the symptoms, warning signs, and risks associated with concussion.
Media Release Form
I understand that photos and or video's of my child taken on park property may be used on the parks media accounts.
Parent/Player Code of Conduct
I have reviewed and understand the parent/player code of conduct and know what is expected of both my player and myself.
Injury Waiver
I have reviewed and understand the risk associated with the sport of baseball and softball

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