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Team Staff

Schnelle, Jeff Coach 615-496-3542
School & Travel Teams
10U Wilson Vols Kupchik, Tim Coach

14U Wilson Vols Hunley, Derek Head Coach 615-829-4531

15U TN Speed Harrold, Jay Head Coach

16U Diamond Dawgs Finch, Shane Head Coach 615-969-6927

17U Six1Five Team Mizuno Hayes, Chad Head Coach 615-512-4813

Fearless Elite 01 Smith, Doug Head Coach

Fearless Elite 04 Younggren, Ryan Head Coach

Fearless Elite 06 Frost, Jill Head Coach

Fearless Elite 08 Hutchison, Josh Head Coach 615-627-6966

M.J. Bearcats Matthews, Matt Head Coach

Mid TN. Raiders Sanders, Tony Coach 6154540686

MJ Krush Tuck, Michael Head Coach 916-838-2338

MJ Wicked 10U Rayburn, Matt Head Coach

Team Viper 05 Hughes, Chris Head Coach

TN Illusions 2021 Barnes, Brian Head Coach 615-406-4185

Xplosion 08 Glover, Chris Head Coach 615-484-6120
Challenger League
Challenger League Astros Herbert, Phyllis Coach 615-498-3310
PW 6 Baseball
PW6 Athletics Turley, Josh Head Coach 217-314-0690

PW6 Braves Morris, Matt Head Coach 615-477-9846

PW6 Cardinals Anderson, Jeremy Head Coach 615-414-4223

PW6 Cubs Dotson, Mark Head Coach 615-554-6460

PW6 Dodgers Deane, Ben Head Coach 615-554-4209

PW6 Giants White, Doug Head Coach 615-351-9043

PW6 Orioles Groce, Brian Head Coach 615-456-9655

PW6 Red Sox ONeal, Brandon Head Coach 615-476-5914

PW6 Yankees Wolford, Matt Head Coach 615-708-6580
PW 8 Baseball
PW8 Athletics Maxwell, Justin Head Coach 931-265-5639

PW8 Braves DeVore, Rod Head Coach 6152602420

PW8 Cubs Johnson, Bill Head Coach 6154734726

PW8 Mariners Ghafarri, Michael Head Coach 615-533-9128

PW8 Orioles Moses, Samuel Head Coach 615-418-5532

PW8 Rays Stephens, Patrick Head Coach 801-367-5891

PW8 Red Sox Hale, Michael Head Coach 6153082776

PW8 Rockies Radley, Eric Asst Coach 615-207-2139
  Brauss, Brian Head Coach 615-306-3231
Major Baseball
MJRBB Braves Wilson, Andy Head Coach 615-812-3690

MJRBB Brewers Austin, Andy Head Coach 615-390-1095

MJRBB Cardinals McHugh, Kevin Head Coach 615-364-1797

MJRBB Cubs Loy, Aaron Head Coach 615-830-4344

MJRBB Dodgers Newcomer, Chris Head Coach 615-668-5256

MJRBB Red Sox Uhlir, Tyrone Head Coach 615-557-3435
Junior Baseball
JRBB Astros Scott, John Head Coach 6156816494

JRBB Braves Carroll, Scott Head Coach 6153300861

JRBB Cardinals Childress, James Head Coach 615-714-0464

JRBB Cubs Patterson, Steve Head Coach 615.522.7905

JRBB Red Sox Falcone, Nicholas Head Coach 615-414-4532

JRBB White Sox Patterson, Greg Head Coach 615-943-5471
PW Softball
PWSB Astros Bolinger, Shane Head Coach 615-512-3888

PWSB Blue Jays Matthews, Frankie Head Coach 615-430-6014

PWSB Braves Misch, Ronald Dean Head Coach 615-948-5169

PWSB Cubs Echols, Emily Head Coach 615-491-2120

PWSB Dodgers Koorey, Eli Head Coach 404-538-8971

PWSB Red Sox Baxter, Danny Head Coach 615-522-7824

PWSB Rockies Brauss, Brian Head Coach 615-306-3231

PWSB Royals Shoop, Don Head Coach 210-748-4302

PWSB White Sox Clay, Mandy Head Coach 615-715-2205

PWSB Yankees Brown, Kevin Head Coach 615-210-0711
Minor Softball
MNRSB Braves Hagar, Troy Head Coach 615-574-5909

MNRSB Cardinals Kittrell, Jeremy Head Coach 615-925-9342

MNRSB Cubs McClanahan, Danny Head Coach 615-939-4435

MNRSB Pirates Baker, John Head Coach 615-504-7317

MNRSB Red Sox Hale, Michael Head Coach 615-308-2776

MNRSB Reds Hagar, Chuck Head Coach 6154917193

MNRSB Royals Drewnowski, John Head Coach 6159394602

MNRSB Yankees Shaffer, Lynn Head Coach 423-292-4957
Senior Softball
SRSB Blue Jays Stover, Jeff Head Coach 615-448-7896

SRSB Cardinals Stinson, Phil Head Coach 615-499-1317

SRSB Dodgers Willis, Jason Head Coach 615-262-1377

SRSB Mets Miller, Melissa Head Coach 615-886-0179

SRSB Red Sox Hayes, Chad Head Coach 6155124813

SRSB Rockies Brake, Bob Head Coach 615-477-8106
  White, Trey Asst Coach

SRSB Royals Hagar, Chuck Head Coach 6154917193
PW 7 Baseball
PW7 Blue Jays Pruneau, Josh Head Coach 615-419-6805

PW7 Braves Brantley, Cole Head Coach 478-737-8966

PW7 Cardinals Tate, Jeremy Head Coach 615-972-3230

PW7 Cubs Wantland, Isaac Head Coach 615-308-9766

PW7 Dodgers Hyden, Jamie Head Coach 615-977-0669

PW7 Orioles Hutton, Tyler Head Coach 615-838-6649

PW7 Royals Werning, Aaron Head Coach 615-714-6216

PW7 Tigers Montle, Gary Head Coach 6152027198

PW7 White Sox Baez, Juan Head Coach 6155947302
Tball softball
TBSB Mariners Moore, Theresa Head Coach 407-508-6752

TBSB Red Sox Holt, Andrew Head Coach 423-645-0949

TBSB Reds Moore, Theresa Head Coach 407-508-6752

TBSB Royals Drewnowski, John Head Coach 615-939-4602

TBSB Tigers Beaudry, Jon Head Coach 217-801-7447
Major Softball
MJRSB Braves Barga, Angela Head Coach 615-200-4499

MJRSB Cubs Pike, Shawn Head Coach 615-669-0575

MJRSB Giants Smith, Geric Head Coach 615-533-7554

MJRSB Mariners Jacobs, Randy Head Coach (615)405-3899

MJRSB Padres Cox, Thomas Heac Coach 615-738-6961

MJRSB Rockies McClintock, Jason Head Coach 615-473-5843

MJRSB White Sox White, Jon Head Coach 615-347-7815
Senior/Big Baseball
SRBB Blue Jays Stover, Jeff Head Coach 615-448-7896

SRBB Indians Hanratta, Terry Hed Coach 6158381461

SRBB White Sox Pyke, Daryl Head Coach 9312524455

SRBB Yankees Goddard, Sean Head Coach 615-429-7614
Minor 9/10 Baseball
MNR9/10 Astros Williams, Jim Head Coach 615-668-4253

MNR9/10 Blue Jays Fleenor, Beau Head Coach 615-829-3432

MNR9/10 Braves Prater, Chris Head Coach 615-566-4744

MNR9/10 Brewers Bates, Damon Head Coach 615-788-1338

MNR9/10 Cardinals Williams, Patrick Head Coach 6154869628

MNR9/10 Cubs Hawkins, Tony Head Coach 615-569-7983.

MNR9/10 Diamondbacks Bullington, Daniel Head Coach 615-390-2157

MNR9/10 Dodgers McSpadden, Glenn Head Coach 615-405-2708

MNR9/10 Giants White, Doug Head Coach 615-351-9043

MNR9/10 Orioles Poole, Eddie Head Coach 6159734663

MNR9/10 Red Sox Dixon, Jeff Head Coach 615-414-1880

MNR9/10 Reds Maxwell, Justin Head Coach 931-265-5639
Tball 4/5 Baseball
TB4/5 Astros Stump, Matt Head Coach 614-737-3767
  Stump, Matt Head Coach 614-747-3767

TB4/5 Braves Roberts, Eric Head Coach 615-772-1838

TB4/5 Cardinals Winkler, Jay Head Coach 859-750-9539

TB4/5 Cubs Bradley, Paul Head Coach 615-349-5441

TB4/5 Dodgers Brantley, Cole Head Coach 478-737-8966

TB4/5 Mariners Burgett, Brett Head Coach 615-762-6915

TB4/5 Pirates Murphy, Phillip Head Coach 615-856-0038

TB4/5 Rays Tate, Nick Head Coacg 6152603859  

TB4/5 Red Sox Phillips, Gary Head Coach 615-946-0408

TB4/5 White Sox Heatherly, Ryan Head Coach 865-258-4646

TB4/5 Yankees Lane, Brent Head Coach 615-738-8839

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