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2016 Annual Meeting Recap


Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, November 10, 2016

What a great year 2016 was for Mt. Juliet League, Inc.! The best part is that it is only getting better from here! On Sunday, October 2nd the league held its annual meeting at the park office. Thank you to all that were able to attend and we hope to see even more of our Members in 2017. We had a lot to cover as 2016 had a lot going on at the park. I do want to take a moment to speak about some of the highlights from this past year. Between our spring and fall seasons, we had 2,464 boys and girls participating at our park. WOW! Thank you all! This year the softball quad received some much needed electrical updates which helped improve our lighting. Improvements to the backstops on field 11 and field 3 where also made this year. We also began a three year project of stripping our parking lot. The front quad was completed this year, and the middle and back quads will be tackled in the next two year. The Knights of Columbus donated $5,000 to the challenger league which enabled them to purchased some much needed picnic tables. We are also in the process of pouring a concrete pad for these tables to sit upon making it easier access for our challenger players and parents. Lakeview Elementary was once again the Winner of our Which School Wants to Play ball the Most online registration contest. The school's PTO received $500.00 from the league for their efforts. For the second year in a row Zaxby's of Hermitage and Lebanon donated meal cards to be used for the Zaxby's Player of the Game. Each coach picked one player after each game to receive this honor. The league hosted 3 tournaments this year which raised close to $25,000.00 that we are putting right back into additional improvements in the park. We saw both our adult and children Challenger baseball program grow yet again. What a great thing this is! We were able to do all of this and our Board is proud to say that our park has NO DEBT! That is the best news of all. I must say, that we simply could not have done this without the many corporate sponsorships that we have at the park. There are so many to name that I cannot name them all. But, please take a look at our sponsor page and when you can, tell them "thank you" by doing business with them. They are great to us and we could not do what we do without them. Speaking of who all makes the park go around. We are so thankful for our hardworking park administrator Robin Speight! We have some of the best fields due to the guys at Harrington Brothers Landscaping as well. These guys do a lot! We also have to thank our newest park employee and new Concession Manager, Tracye Patton, for all she does to make it great for you all. In our meeting we also had the chance to recognize Travis Clark as our 2016 Volunteer of The Year. Travis has put many hours into helping the league with electrical and lighting issues that arouse throughout the year. In his own words, "It is all about those babies." Thank you Travis! Our final item was the election of 10 members to the Board of Directors. We are excited to be joined by (in no particular order): Ryan Bertram, Chris Blevins, Billy Brewer, Jill Frost, Chris Glover, Tim Kupchik, Tony Sanders, Mitch Trawick, Trey White and Jim Williams. Thank you for your willingness to serve! Now, the BIGGEST and the LARGEST thanks have to go out to YOU! Our members. Mt. Juliet League, Inc. would not exist without you. Thank you all! Your Board of Directors will do all it can to continue to make Mt. Juliet League, Inc. a family oriented atmosphere and a place where your family and your children can safely enjoy the great games of baseball and softball! For those interested, the full annual recap is located in our available for download section of the website.


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